main monitor ddl objects dml stato e configurazione rman & dpump pl/sql cluster ASM
main config start-shut process memory monitor diag
user rman & dpump pl/sql cluster ASM

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Table of Contents


Advanced Q&A (fino al 2001)

Wiki Chapters

Part I Basic Database Administration

1 Getting Started with Database Administration
2 Creating and Configuring an Oracle Database
3 Starting Up and Shutting Down
4 Configuring Automatic Restart of an Oracle Database
5 Managing Processes
6 Managing Memory
7 Managing Users and Securing the Database
8 Monitoring the Database
9 Managing Diagnostic Data

Part II Oracle Database Structure and Storage

10 Managing Control Files
11 Managing the Redo Log
12 Managing Archived Redo Log Files
13 Managing Tablespaces
14 Managing Data Files and Temp Files
15 Transporting Data
16 Managing Undo
17 Using Oracle Managed Files

Part III Schema Objects

18 Managing Schema Objects
19 Managing Space for Schema Objects
20 Managing Tables
21 Managing Indexes
22 Managing Clusters
23 Managing Hash Clusters
24 Managing Views, Sequences, and Synonyms
25 Repairing Corrupted Data

Part IV Database Resource Management and Task Scheduling

26 Managing Automated Database Maintenance Tasks
27 Managing Resources with Oracle Database Resource Manager
28 Oracle Scheduler Concepts
29 Scheduling Jobs with Oracle Scheduler
30 Administering Oracle Scheduler

Part V Distributed Database Management

31 Distributed Database Concepts
32 Managing a Distributed Database
33 Developing Applications for a Distributed Database System
34 Distributed Transactions Concepts
35 Managing Distributed Transactions

Part VI Managing a Multitenant Environment

36 Overview of Managing a Multitenant Environment
37 Creating and Configuring a CDB
38 Creating and Removing PDBs with SQL*Plus
39 Creating and Removing PDBs with Cloud Control
40 Administering a CDB with SQL*Plus
41 Administering CDBs and PDBs with Cloud Control
42 Administering PDBs with SQL*Plus
43 Viewing Information About CDBs and PDBs with SQL*Plus
44 Using Oracle Resource Manager for PDBs with SQL*Plus
45 Using Oracle Resource Manager for PDBs with Cloud Control
46 Using Oracle Scheduler with a CDB
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